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Firstly, I apologize for missing my regularly scheduled posts on Mondays. I know it has been quite a few weeks since I last uploaded. The reason being I have a new job! I’m very excited for it, but my work days are all over the place while I’m training, and they will continue to vary until the end of September. Then, of course, I’ll be at the bottom of the barrel for shift choices. Haha.


I wanted to let you followers know that I will not be abandoning this little art blog. It just won’t be as regular as it used to be. Also with this new job, I’ll have less time to actually make art, so time between posts will be longer. But know once I finish a piece, it will be right here!


I also wished to take the time to thank each of you for following this blog. This is my first real effort for anything social media, and seeing all of your likes, follows, and comments are very encouraging! Thank you so much for the support!! I want to continue to share the things I make simply for the sake of sharing. Thank you again for the encouragement, and expect some more art soon!


Good day to y’all. : )

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Work in Progress


A little clay house based on the Whoville style. Haven’t painted it yet, but I still wanted to share. This one took 10 – 12 hours to make over the course of about three days. I’m pretty happy with it, but I can still see places where I can improve. Always moving forward!

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“Abstract Split”


Another test painting (the first is here). This time I wanted to know how well Outdoor Acrylics blended and if they felt any different from regular acrylic. They did act rather similar to regular acrylics, and I have decided to use these for a project I’ll show step by step on this blog at a later date.