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“Foggy Morning”

post44 Foggy Morning

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Work in Progress


A little clay house based on the Whoville style. Haven’t painted it yet, but I still wanted to share. This one took 10 – 12 hours to make over the course of about three days. I’m pretty happy with it, but I can still see places where I can improve. Always moving forward!

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“Abstract Split”


Another test painting (the first is here). This time I wanted to know how well Outdoor Acrylics blended and if they felt any different from regular acrylic. They did act rather similar to regular acrylics, and I have decided to use these for a project I’ll show step by step on this blog at a later date.

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Pug Fabric Art


Another dog in fabric! Instead of the sectioned and layered process of my previous husky (here), this pug is made with several shades of brown embroidery thread. Hopefully, you can see how I curved and swirled the thread in the second detail photo. I attempted to match the fur patterns of a pug to make the whole image that much more dynamic.

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“Unworkable Machine”


This is a very early art project, so it is not as clean as I would like (perhaps I’ll remake it later). It is based on the metaphor that a person’s brain is a machine with working cogs. However, in this case, each of the cogs are impractical, useless, or otherwise interfering with the others. Sometimes in life it feels like the cogs just don’t work right. This is a sort of visual explanation for the mental frustration that I can get every once in a while. Everything grinds to a halt and I need a good kick in the gears to get my brain going again. I wonder how many can relate?