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“Abstract Split”


Another test painting (the first is here). This time I wanted to know how well Outdoor Acrylics blended and if they felt any different from regular acrylic. They did act rather similar to regular acrylics, and I have decided to use these for a project I’ll show step by step on this blog at a later date.

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Pug Fabric Art


Another dog in fabric! Instead of the sectioned and layered process of my previous husky (here), this pug is made with several shades of brown embroidery thread. Hopefully, you can see how I curved and swirled the thread in the second detail photo. I attempted to match the fur patterns of a pug to make the whole image that much more dynamic.

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“Unworkable Machine”


This is a very early art project, so it is not as clean as I would like (perhaps I’ll remake it later). It is based on the metaphor that a person’s brain is a machine with working cogs. However, in this case, each of the cogs are impractical, useless, or otherwise interfering with the others. Sometimes in life it feels like the cogs just don’t work right. This is a sort of visual explanation for the mental frustration that I can get every once in a while. Everything grinds to a halt and I need a good kick in the gears to get my brain going again. I wonder how many can relate?

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“Berry Wine Drops”


This one is actually a test painting. I had never used enamel paints before, and I wanted to see how well the paint mixed on a small scale before trying something larger. I’m not convinced. The white is very watery and thin; it took a lot to change the tint of the berry color even a little. Everything that was mixed with the white also turned watery. Not for me, it seems. Good to know.

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Husky Fabric Art


A painting without paint. Everything here is made from fabric supplies from the quilted background to the stitched eye to the leather nose and fabric-markered, pink tongue. I tried to make the husky look 3D. In the closeup, you can see how I stacked the layers to create that effect, as well as the white stitching.

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Mimic Painting


To learn different styles, one of my teachers told the class to mimic an artist of our choosing. I decided on Hayao Miyazaki and one of his watercolor paintings. This was in oil, however; I had to learn how to thin the medium with mineral spirits to look like watercolor.