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Work in Progress


A little clay house based on the Whoville style. Haven’t painted it yet, but I still wanted to share. This one took 10 – 12 hours to make over the course of about three days. I’m pretty happy with it, but I can still see places where I can improve. Always moving forward!

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“Unworkable Machine”


This is a very early art project, so it is not as clean as I would like (perhaps I’ll remake it later). It is based on the metaphor that a person’s brain is a machine with working cogs. However, in this case, each of the cogs are impractical, useless, or otherwise interfering with the others. Sometimes in life it feels like the cogs just don’t work right. This is a sort of visual explanation for the mental frustration that I can get every once in a while. Everything grinds to a halt and I need a good kick in the gears to get my brain going again. I wonder how many can relate?

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Harry Potter Skele-Gro Bottle


Some in-process and finished detailed pictures of the Skele-Gro potion bottle from Harry Potter. I didn’t get a chance to take more professional photos of the final product since I gave it as a gift to a friend. Either way, I wanted to share something that I had fun making.

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Asian Inspired/Themed Box


A first attempt at making a box from scratch. I had to cut the wood to size, construct it, and decorate it. The metal corners were hand made, and the design around the base is a continuous landscape (Looking at the pictures, it goes top left, bottom left, top middle, bottom middle, and return to top left). On the top is a raised dragon relief and a little plaque in Chinese that roughly translates to “woodwork.” (mù ɡōnɡ huó) Only the clasp and hinges were bought.

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Rose Pot


This is a special, hand-made, clay pot mostly due to the fact that I made the clay from scratch as part of a Pueblo Pottery class. As in going out in the desert and collecting, then refining, my own clay for this piece. It was a lot of work, but I love the result. Also, when this thing was fired some of the smoke cloud was imprinted in the surface (best seen in the third picture), and I just think it is really neat.