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“Tapered Blue”

post56 Tapered Blue

Abstract acrylic.

I’ve been liking abstract more and more, recently. So simple and clean looking.

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“The Effects of a Street Lamp”

post55 The Effect of a Street Lamp

Oil Painting.

One of the few photographs of my work that I actually had to edit digitally. For whatever reason, none of my cameras could accurately capture the colors, nor the brushstrokes, of the original. I like the painting, but the picture of it, not so much. Haha

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“Abstract Split”


Another test painting (the first is here). This time I wanted to know how well Outdoor Acrylics blended and if they felt any different from regular acrylic. They did act rather similar to regular acrylics, and I have decided to use these for a project I’ll show step by step on this blog at a later date.

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“Berry Wine Drops”


This one is actually a test painting. I had never used enamel paints before, and I wanted to see how well the paint mixed on a small scale before trying something larger. I’m not convinced. The white is very watery and thin; it took a lot to change the tint of the berry color even a little. Everything that was mixed with the white also turned watery. Not for me, it seems. Good to know.